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                  This is the section where we would love to hear your testimony and experience.

Influencer's today are changing the game. Creating a new wave for upcoming creator's who are impacting our communities daily. Below are just a few of my amazing clients who are currently impacting the world. 

Grey Goose Vodka

Flock Drink

Grey Goose is a brand of vodka produced in France. It was created in the 1990s by Sidney Frank, who sold it to Bacardi in 2004.  

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Kidz Elite

We are committed to offer a variety of high quality products that are not only innovative and stylish, but also remarkably functional, providing parents with solutions for their everyday tasks, and making their life simpler. 

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Blake Martin

MR. BLAKE MARTIN, is a national published photographer who is currently impacting the industry with his unique style and creative taste.

Published: VOGUE Japn, GQ, Timberland, ASOS, Times Square,

Ms. Universe


Mr. Kareem 







Co Owner of Thingamjiggz V.R,

Reel Music Management and

 Business Consultant 




Brittany Carpenter

BRITTANY CARPENTER, CEO of Pretty Beat Lounge, a makeup artist for everyone. She also wear's the crown as the first brand ambassador for RLylesvision Inc. Pretty Beat Lounge is based out of Orland Park IL, with over 6 years of professional experience.

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Shana Lyles

CEO of Dirty Dye Ana Closet & 

Hair Lounge

Shana is a beautiful soul who loves to create unique vintage pieces for your bold customers. Shana is a over all stylist of all different favors who shops on budget. With over 15 years in the hair industry, Shana found another way of showing her passion through thrifting. And by the way she's also the queen / wife to

Mr. Roshawn Lyles of RLylesvision Inc.   


Natalie Birdsong

NATALIE BRIDSONG CEO, a Indiana native also a global figure in the hair industry. CEO Hair by Natatlie B. Establishing over 15 years of experience in the hair industry. 


Toyiah Marquis

CEO of Patch Party Club & partners with Alibaba "The hippest, hottest, most EXCLUSIVE patches you WON'T find anywhere else for the culture!"



Grey goose flock drink | model

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Lil Bibby

American rapper and record executive.  Over 3 million flowers world wide.

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