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64 Orland Square Dr. 

Orland Park, IL, 60462




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1. Would this be your first photoshoot?
2. What type of shoot are you inquiring today?
3. What color would you like your backdrop to be?
4. Do you have a original concept already, if so, submit a sample to the photographer before booking?
5. Will someone be attending the session with you to assist you with your shoot?
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Thanks for submitting!


When booking with RLylesvision, we ask that all clients read the following conditions below before paying your deposit. 

Once agreed, Client will receive a digital contract through email and or text link.  All client's must REPLY BACK'  with a signature or a written reply to this contract stating,  ( I "name"__________,  Agree to the condition's and service's provided by RLylesvision ).


Payment | Deposit

1.   A HALF DEPOSIT NON-REFUNDABLE for all services is required in advance UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.  The deposit guarantees your date and time for service. 

2.  Balance is paid in full before or same day, before service is provided.  

3.  Personal checks are not accepted

Zelle, Paypal, Cash App

Studio Reschedule

1.  Client have only one time to reschedule session within one week and receive a response from RLylesvision

2.  After the one week period is up, the total cost of session starts completely over


Studio  Cancellation

1.  Client is required to call, text or email in advance at least 2 hrs before session starts and receive a response from RLylesvision with confirmation.

Studio Late

1.   More then 20 mins late, a $25.00 fee will be added to the final balance.

Extra Studio Charges

* To receive unedited jpegs day of shoot, client is required to bring a 16gig flash drive. If not images will take up to 7 business days to receive in email.

* Additional shooting time $100 .00 per hour

* Additional person added to shoot $75.00 per person 

* Additional re-touching $8.00 per single image

* Additional re-touching $15.00 per couple image 

 Extended Services

* Makeup artist Brittany Instagram: @theartistname_b 

* In Studio, $100.00 per person 1 lash & 1 full beat


All images  are copyrighted and remain the property of RLylesvision Inc.

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