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Preparing for this big day is a lot of preparation, time invested and love. After all said and done, the after math is breathe taking.

Today was the perfect prom send off for the beautiful young lady. With only a few short months to prepare, her glam team make it look easy and elegant. A evening shared with her prom date downtown Chicago night life with not a care in the world, just made prom so amazing.

As a photographer, when you have a beautiful soul in front of your lens, we love those moments. Here are a few tips and tricks of the day and how I got the shot.

Tip #1 - Stay positive as things will challenge you

As the day continues to unfold remember that you are the professional. When challenges are presented, remind the client that everything will work out in your favor. Maybe crack a joke to keep the client engaged. For me, I usually bring a small wireless speaker and play their favorite songs to keep their energy high and upbeat.

Tip #2 - Having a plan b

Being a professional sets you apart right away from the rest of the amazing photographers in the industry. For me, always thinking ahead for the client because usually their already overwhelmed. Perfect example: planning out your slots in advance creating a mood board or event shooting on location outside having a back up just incase it rains. I personally feel that if you can prevent issues for the client, your session will be amazing plus your client will love to refer your business.

Tip #3 - Day after your shoot

Most clients are so excited to get their day over with due to all of the planning that it took to get to this point. The end factor is that you we're able to produce something memorable for a lifetime. Lastly, the day after is so important. Even though you finished the shoot, the engagement after really closes the deal. Check on your client to see how their doing and of course getting their reviews on your service. Event thou this is a extra step, but it is the most important one in my business practice.

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