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Updated: May 15, 2022

RLylesvision Prom images for 2022 breaks the internet by storm. A proud moment captured in seconds, changes the face of his dad's photography business over night with a BANG. My day started a bit hacked with a few bumps in the road that had me nerves and worried because, everything was going wrong. I had no photographer to cover their send off at this moment. The event was down to the wire, one hour left until showtime when I received the worst news of my career. Cancellation! Yes, I went into a panic attack, freaked out, said a few bad words but the professional in me would not allow me to fold under pressure. I was leaving a prior hired prom send off when my wife called me to put a rush on it, to get to the location within thirty minutes or I would miss everything. In addition hunny, bring your camera to capture shots. Now at this point I fling on the high way doing ninety five miles and hours with a spare tire on my car from a flat the day before. As I arrive, already there hundreds of people snapping pictures, excited and cheering as their were about to pull off. The drive was ready to leave, stating prom starts in fifteen minutes so we gotta go. With not enough time to even park my car, I hoped out in the middle of the street, grabbed my camera, left my flash and took off running. Move, move, let me through I screamed. Bagging the driver please let me get at least 3 minutes, or I'be the worst dad in history. I seen one my other colleagues already taking pictures so of course I jumped right in and started shooting. 90 pictures in four minutes wow, that was amazing, great job I thought to myself. After all of the hype I was tired hell, but extremely excited at the same time. 2 hours later finally made it home, I started unloading and still my night was no were near done. At this point, wifey recommended that I should post the images tonight to keep the excitement going, plus so everyone could see them right away. Of course I wanted to wait to get the images professionally edited, but I felt great about the shots as is, so I went for it. And then it happened, the next morning I woke up to thousands of shares, likes, comments and bookings. 4 days later, my niece and son became prom famous over night. From mayor blogs, social media platforms and celebrities from around the world showing love was unbelievable to me. I share this story because, in life you may only be presented with a small window of opportunity so, being prepared, practicing on your craft and believing in yourself will take you far. I am So grateful.

Cameryn and Damari steps into prom with a different approach for 2022. Setting the bar high and classic at the same time.

Cameryn glam squad get's her right. From the outstanding customized dress, beautiful makeup, rolling out in style and captivating images, a girl can't ask for nothing better. This date will always be talked about for proms to come.

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